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DECU Session with Yvonne

I began my career as an Esthetician in 1997. I have always been passionate about taking care of the skin and learning new ways to improve the appearance of the skin. I began my adventure of self discovery and healing work in the year 2005. My daughter was my inspiration. I realized my feelings were here to guide me and help me evolve. I moved closer to feeling instead of numbing myself. Rediscovering my connection with the Divine has truly improved everything in my life. The more I learned to integrate those parts of myself I had pushed away, the easier it was to make self loving choices. I was immediately drawn to DECU because of the power and clarity this process brings. This process improves the skin without creating trauma. Most skin care modalities promote wounding the skin in order to create positive results. Unfortunately, this often creates instant gratification without long term results. DECU is a process that helps us look younger, feel younger and teaches us to love all of who we are. I’m so passionate about DECU and so grateful for Jewel’s existence. Energy healing has lead me back to a place that feels like home. It’s exciting to be able to offer a simple process that delivers such profound results. It’s about making a decision and truly committing to the process. I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Say YES to discovering the wholeness of who you truly are and radiating your true beauty!



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